Four Questions To Ask Before Taking A Paranormal Tour

Four Questions To Ask Before Taking A Paranormal Tour

28 March

Even though there has been a long history of people being inquisitive about the dark side, paranormal research and interest in modern times is no doubt in full bloom. From sanatoriums and asylums with dark and painful histories to residential historical homes that hold pertinent (and sometimes creepy) reminders of the past, in today’s world, there is no shortage of supposedly haunted places that are now used primarily for entertainment purposes. If you are planning a paranormal tour at one of the haunted locations which offers tours to the public, there are a few questions you should ask before you buy tickets or just show up at the entrance. 

Are there children allowed in the building?

Each location will have a different rule set when it comes to children being allowed during paranormal tours. This can depend on the length of the tour, the nature of the discussions that may be held by a tour guide at any given time, and even just the condition of the location or how scary the tour is expected to be. Some haunted houses and places will only allow those to enter who are over 18, and then there are some who may only restrict the age group by saying no one allowed under the age of 13. 

Will you be allowed to bring in a camera?

You may have it in you to be the next big paranormal researcher who catches a spirit on camera, but not every haunted tour will allow you to bring your cameras along for the tour. In fact, some places will strictly prohibit the use of a camera at all, and others may require that you only snap pictures without a flash. 

How long is the tour expected to take?

Paranormal tours can range in duration from under an hour in small locations to overnight at some of the more well-known establishments. Before you buy tickets to a haunted house online, make sure you know the duration of the tour you are signing up for. 

Can you bring along a flashlight?

If you are not that excited about roaming through a supposed haunted place in the dark or you are planning to bring your children on a paranormal tour, a flashlight may seem like a necessity. However, some haunted attractions will only allow the tour guide to hold a flashlight through the tour, so make sure you ask before you are on the tour and decide to whip out a light for security.