3 Outdoor Summer Activities To Entertain Your Child

3 Outdoor Summer Activities To Entertain Your Child

13 June

Are you longing to get your child away from TV and video games this summer and into the great outdoors? Some kids’ entertainment is only a creative idea away. For a healthier alternative to indoor stimulation, entertain your child’s mind and body with the following outdoor summer activities:

1. Go Beachcombing

Beachcombing provides plenty of opportunity to entertain your child during the summer months. Why not arrange a get-together with your child’s friends and head down to the shore? Organize a scouting adventure to see who can find seashells, pebbles, driftwood or “lost treasure” on the shore. Bring along canvas sacks to place the treasures in, along with shovels or grabber sticks.

The best time for beachcombing is after a heavy rain storm, when items of interest may have washed ashore. Don’t forget to have your child capture his or her adventures on camera. And don’t forget to use sunscreen, reapplying after swimming.

2. Organize a Family Bike Ride or Go Hiking

This is a great way to enjoy fresh air and exercise while bonding with the family. See new sights or simply ride along a bike path in the neighborhood. Before setting out on this little expedition, inspect bikes and helmets for damage. If you plan on riding a long distance, take along water bottles to stay hydrated.

Alternatively, you might take your child for a family hiking excursion. Be sure to pack plenty of disposable wet wipes in backpacks and a first aid kit to play it safe. Protective hiking shoes are a must, as sneakers or sandals may not be adequate for rough terrain. Binoculars will make the hike enjoyable, as it will allow your child to view nature and wildlife in the distance.

3. Take Up Gardening

Most kids love plants and flowers, and gardening as a new summertime activity should provide entertainment for all ages. Take your child shopping for gardening tool essentials and some basic seeds to begin the fun. Your child will have lots of fun learning when to plant, what type of soil to use and the various types of plants to begin with.

You don’t need a lot of space to enjoy this entertaining activity, either. If you live in an apartment, you might try growing tomatoes or strawberries in a simple window box. For even more entertainment value, have your child create homemade craft items to be used for gardening, such as a pail or decorated planter.