Two Considerations To Make When Choosing An Event Tent

Two Considerations To Make When Choosing An Event Tent

13 September

When you’re hosting an outdoor event, one of the most important decisions you will make concerns which type of tent you will use.  Although it may seem quite easy to select a tent that accommodates the number of people that you plan to invite, there are a number of other considerations that you will need to make in order to make sure that the tent you choose is the right one for you. Let these tips guide you in the right direction.

Consider The Weather

Keeping weather conditions in mind when choosing a tent is critical.  The last thing you want to do is choose a tent that doesn’t have the ability to stand up to torrential rains, causing your guests to scatter and potentially ruining your affair.

Instead of leaving your event open to the elements, select a tent that is made out of coated nylon and that has taped seams. It’s important to choose a tent that has been taped because this keeps the rain from seeping into the minuscule holes that are left open when an event tent is sown together.

For even more protection against rain, choose a tent that has sidewall applications. This allows you to enjoy the light breezes throughout the day, without the chance that rain will leak into your event through the sides.

Keep in mind that rain is not the only weather consideration that you’ll need to make. There is also the chance that your event will occur on a day that is particularly sunny. Protect against this weather risk by selecting a tent with maximum blackout protection.  You can then control the amount of light in your tent space by strategically placing lights in various spots so that there is the perfect amount of lighting.

Consider The Grounds

The type of tent you select should also be dependent upon the grounds that it will be erected on. If you are placing the tent on a concrete slab, you will need a tent that doesn’t have to be supported with poles that dig into the ground. You’ll want a tent that is supported with poles that have a solid, strong base that can be safely placed on concrete without falling down.

Making the right choice when selecting your tent is one way you can create a satisfactory event.  The next time you need an event tent, keep these considerations in mind so you can make the best decision. For more information, go to