3 Tips For Surviving A Haunted House

3 Tips For Surviving A Haunted House

26 October

It is no secret that haunted houses are scary and sometimes you wonder if you are ever going to come back out once you go in. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that you survive going through a haunted house.

Do Not Go Alone 

The number one rule to surviving a haunted house is to never go alone. Going to a haunted house alone is just asking for it. Instead, gather a group of friends or family members together to come with you. When you are traveling through the haunted house in a group, you are going to be much less likely to be targeted than if you are all by yourself. You also have the option of basically hiding in the middle of the group so you are the least likely to be targeted by all of the scary people inside of the haunted house. 

Wear Clothes You Can Move In 

When you go into a haunted house, you are going to need to move and move fast. You may need to run because you are being chased by someone in the haunted house. In either situation, it is going to be in your best interest to wear clothes that you can move in. Tight fitted clothing, such as skinny jeans, should be avoided because they are hard to move in. High heels and dresses for girls probably aren’t the best idea, and flips flops and low hanging pants aren’t a good idea for boys. The best type of clothing to wear are going to be athletic pieces that are stretchy and allow you to move with ease. When it comes to footwear, tennis shoes are likely going to be the best.

Remember That You Can Exit At Any Time

If the haunted house is just too scary for a member of your party, because heaven knows you aren’t scared at all, then it is a relief to know that almost all haunted houses have different points that you can exit along the course. Simply express your desire to exit the haunted house to one of the workers, and they will help guide you out. Knowing that you and your friends can get out of the haunted house at any given point in time, will help give you and your friend the guts to at least go inside and give it a try.